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  5. "כמו גיטרה וכינור."

"כמו גיטרה וכינור."

Translation:Like a guitar and a violin.

August 4, 2016



שלום הנוך!


almost :) it's חנוך


I dont know why violin was pronounced with a ח sound. I thought it sounded like a guitar and a donkey חמור


It is kinor but when you have a prefix (like ו, ל or ב), in proper Hebrew, letters like כ, פ, ב change their pronunciation from k, p, b to ch, f, v respectively. So, when it's just כינור, you pronounce it as kinor, but here וכינור it's pronounced ve-chinor. That being said, this is considered formal and in everyday speech it is not used, and it would always be ve-kinor.

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