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  5. "הילדה אוכלת."

"הילדה אוכלת."

Translation:The girl is eating.

August 4, 2016



ha-yaldah okhelet


is there a difference between the "eats/eating" words since i noticed the two versions are similar besides this version using "tav" at the end. is it to do with gender? is the "tav" ending version for females and the other for males? or does it just vary with how you use the word in the sentence?


You got it - it does have to do with gender. Present tense in Hebrew has 4 conjugations: singular masculine, singular feminine, plural masculine and plural feminine. With אוכל it's conjugated like this:

sing. mas. = אוכל

sing. fem. = אוכלת

pl. mas. = אוכלים

pl. fem. = אוכלות

There's no difference between "eats" and "is eating".


My slow speaking option does not work. What must I do?


I don't remember any "turtle" speeds in Hebrew. If there is something not working correctly, you should turn in a "bug report". Google "Duolingo Bug Report" to find out how to do that if you ever need to send in one.


I don't know why this was accepted: אוחלת. Is that a common typo? Thanks.


There is a bug in the system that occasionally does not acknowledge typos. Your answer is definitely a mistake.


Thanks, the typo system can be way forgiving. I'll report it as "should be wrong".

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