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  5. "הן נגדנו ואנחנו נגדן!"

"הן נגדנו ואנחנו נגדן!"

Translation:They are against us and we are against them!

August 4, 2016



"They are against us and we against them" should be accepted. In English, you don't always have to repeat the verb if it's the same form of "to be." It's more poetic that way but still totally correct. Report it!


And why isn't correct "they are against us and we against them!"??


Is this in the literal sense like to be up against something, or is it to not like something and to be against it


Originally it means "facing (something, somone or the other side)". But in modern Hebrew מול is used for this meaning, physically; in some contexts both מול and נגד are used, e.g. in sport matches (English "versus"). נגד suggests a more sharp conflict; we would use only נגד and not מול for opposing sides in wars, even though it's conceptually pretty much like a sport match - only more grave.


How would you say, "I am against ..."? This section seems to all be about against a person or group of people. Can the word "נגד" be used to say against something? For example does "נגדי פיל ורוד" mean 'I am against pink elephants' ?


From en.wiktionary.com about the word נגד :

Verb: נָגַד (nagád) (dated) to oppose

Noun: נַגָּד (nagád) warrant officer, resistor (electronic device)

Preposition: נֶגֶד (néged) against, opposite

From context.reverso.net

I am against = אני נגד (אֲנִי נֶגֶד - ani neged) or אני מתנגד/ת (אֲנִי מִתְנַגֶּדֶת - ani mitenagedett)


According to reverso.context.org :

I'm against it. = אני נגד זה

I'm against the death penalty in principle. = בעיקרון, אני נגד עונש מוות.


Why is everyone against each other in this lesson?? Not one peacemaker!!


Oh come on. I wish we could all just get along.


The word "against" appears twice in the sentence, but it only appears once among the English words, so it's impossible to answer the question correctly


I didn't have that problem. Search a bit more, and if you still don't find it, report it.

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