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Confusing images?

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On the language portions where they ask you something like "Select translation of 'the [word]'" I'm seeing some very weird and confusing images. Like for example, "the mirror" was the picture of a woman and then in the bottom corner of the image was a tiiiiny corner of a mirror visible. For "the basket" there's a dog, a blanket, and a basket in the corner. For "the watch" I had two of the same images - both watches - with different words underneath them. For "the chair" there's a table with a bunch of chairs around it, and then a chair on fire in a fire pit. For "the center" it was an empty road with a large building in the background and lots of fog. For "the battery" there's a weird image with a grate (looks like an oven rack), a bucket, and then a teeeensy tiny battery inside that bucket-thing.

I'm not sure if these are just malfunctions with the system or what, but It would be nice if there were some basic stock pictures being used instead of what I think might be user submitted images... Especially since the user-submitted ones don't make any sense, give conflicting impressions, etc. Like the chair being on fire, in a fire pit, I assumed the translation underneath was for "the fire" or similar and so I picked the table & chairs and got it wrong. I totally see using "trick" questions later on, but these are the images that are supposed to help me learn new words, and they're really weird/confusing/conflicting/have too much going on in the images.

Everything else has been great and I'm very much enjoying learning, but the images (specifically the ones in the Objects lessons) are not helpful. Morguefile.com has a variety of free stock images that could be used, and there are a number of sites like Flickr.com that allow you to find images that are free or licensed under Creative Commons; since Duolingo is free, I'm sure a number of stock providers would be happy to allow the site to use them for this purpose.

Sorry in advance if I'm posting this somewhere I'm not supposed to, I forgot about the "submit a problem" thing (I get too excited and click on to the next one to quickly!! lol.) and since it's happened now for several of them I thought I should just submit a general suggestion! :)

2 years ago