"Az Egy Gyűrű"

Translation:The One Ring

August 4, 2016

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It does mean "That is a ring", I am hungarian and I am pretty sue duo is wrong on this one.


I thought too and reported instantly. But now i think my accepted answer should be considered wrong.
They obviously went for the name and ignoring the capital letters, means i did not get the grammar correctly, and therefore should not be tolerated.


Because of the capitalization and the lack of punctuation at the end, I'm certain they're referring to The One Ring from the Lord of the Ring series.


I love that this is part of the exercise! I'm looking forward to other nerdy references :)


Yes, after many depressing nonsensical sentences nagyszerű ez a példa :)


Agree. It's clearly written as a name or title.


What does this mean in English, The One Ring? I thought it would mean: That is a ring.


"The One Ring" is almost certainly a reference to the Rings of Power in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings universe: three for elves, seven for dwarves, nine for men, and one to rule them all.

This last one was often referred to as "the One Ring".

Az egy gyűrű. as a normal sentence should also mean "That is a ring."

Note, though, that Duo's example does not have a full stop (period) at the end, indicating that this is not a sentence, making the "noun phrase" interpretation more likely than the "sentence" one.


Smeagol likes this.


I translated " that is one ring" it was marked wrong ( correction: it is a ring) . It sounded weird but why was there a big E?


The words are capitalized because it's a title "The One Ring" from the book and movie "The Lord of the Rings".

This is a tough one because egy means both "a" and "one", and az means both "the" and "that". Normally when the meaning is "that" there's still an "a/an" or "the" before the noun. Az az asztal fehér (that table is white).

I am a student like you so if any native speakers correct what I said, believe them!


If this is a listening excersice your solution should be good too.

But as you also registered the capital letters (and a missing point), the best and intented solution is a name.


thats one ring

is one accepted answer while "that one ring" isnt.

Shouldn't it be "that's"? But again, contractions aren't supposed to be used in this course, so it should be "that is one ring"

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