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  5. "Do we take the small one?"

"Do we take the small one?"

Translation:A kicsit vesszük?

August 4, 2016



What about visszük?


I'm still weak on word order. But it seems to me like "vesszük a kicsit" should be marked correct. No?


Nope, in this case. That is my first reaction. But in the proper context, it could pass. However, generally, I would attach a preverb for that word order:

"Megvesszük a kicsit?"

Also valid variations:

"A kicsit vesszük meg?" - the small one, as opposed to the big one
"A kicsit megvesszük?" - yes or no, are we buying it or not


I thought "veszi" means he/she buys it and "viszi" means he/she takes it


Yes, but "veszi" can also mean "take". Not in the sense of "carry away" but rather like "here is some money, take it".


I thought visszük means "we take it" and "vesszük" means "we buy it"

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