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  5. "Ci tenau sy'n ennill y ras."

"Ci tenau sy'n ennill y ras."

Translation:It's a thin dog that wins the race.

August 4, 2016



Is this an actual Welsh phrase or just a fun example for the course?


Not an everyday expression! A proverb. But it does illustrate the particular pattern very well.


If it's not a proverb (or even if it is), surely 'It's a thin dog that's winning the race' should be accepted. (I am reporting back to my friend who knows the dogs better than I do, but can't see what's going on.)


Am i being yn dwpach nag arfer? Could someone spell out what the proverb means, or when you might use it, os gwelwch chi'n dda?! - or does it actually simply mean 'skinny folk do better'?! Diolch!

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