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"The lazy frog is not jumping there to the river, but is crawling there."

Translation:A lusta béka nem odaugrik a folyóhoz, hanem odamászik.

August 4, 2016



Is there any difference between 'hanem' and 'de'? I wrote this sentence with 'de' and it was rejected.


Pretty sure I have seen a sentence that goes "péter nem jön ide". Why isn't it "a béka nem ugrik oda" here ?


"nem ugrik oda" is perfect. I have lost a heart, too. Reported.


i thought the preverb was separated in negative sentences, why not here?


It has to do with what is being denied. Here, the frog is still going to the river but it chooses a different method. So the whole verb, "odaugrik", is being negated, as is.

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