"Azok újak, amik a villamos mögött haladnak."

Translation:Those that are moving behind the tram are new.

August 4, 2016

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This unit is extremely frustrating. I feel like I perfectly understand all of these sentences, and am only guessing as far as the translation that Duolingo will accept.


Doing them while strengthening is even worse, as mistakes reduces the progress. It's still in beta, so all we can do is to report the mistakes.


I couldn't agree more, it's very difficult to make any meaningful progress while spending so much time reporting these irregularities.


Suggestions to improve the consistency of this unit : 1. use ONE of the synonyms for ami = amely = amelyik (and amik = amelyek for plurals) in example sentences ; but accept alternatives as correct as well. 2. Use a direct mapping "ami = which" (things) "aki = who" (people), instead of throwing some ambiguous "that" in the middle in proposed translations


This answer was also rejected: Those are new, which are going behind the tram. Whatever I answer, it is ALWAYS wrong in this lesson. No chance at all!


How would it be if it was ''those are the ones that...'' instead?


Magyarul kérdezte a mondatot. Ez helyes angolul?: "Those are new that are moving behind the tram."


"The ones that are going (or moving) behind the tram are new" - sounds better to me - although to be honest, it is a rather odd formulation. What new things can be actually moving behind a tram?

A stilted conversation might unfold something like this, I suppose: "Look at those shiny cars." "Are they really new cars, or are they just newly painted vehicles?" "Well, those that are moving behind the tram are new."


No, that doesn't sound right, and I don't believe it's correct. I can't explain why, though.

Nem, az nem jól hangzik, és nem hiszem hogy helyes. De sajnos nem tudom rendesen elmagyarazni.


"Those are new which are going behind the tram" was rejected. While appreciating that we are still in Beta, please try to remain flexible in considering alternate translations. :)


Come on Duo! when you hover with you mouse over word "haladnak" it shows translation "(they) go/are going by". I wrote a sentence with "going" and it was scored wrong, underlining word "moving" as the correct one. Unbelievable!

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