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"לא היום, לא מחר, אלא מחרתיים!"

Translation:Not today, not tomorrow, but in two days!

August 5, 2016



In this case, doesn't 'אלא' mean 'rather'. It wasn't accepted


No, אלא doesn't mean "rather". If you wrote "but rather" it probably would have been accepted, but "rather" on it's own isn't a good translation.


what is the difference between אלא and אבל?


What would "in three days", "..four days".. or in a 100 days be ? Is it always written in a one-word form like מחרתיים ?


I wrote 'but' and it was not accepted. The answer said 'but rather' ... which one wouldn't say in English.


Seems like the correct translation should be "but the day after tomorrow" not but in two days.


?ביומיים - why not


Good question. While both מחרתיים and ביומיים can be translated as "in two days", there is a difference between them. מחרתיים talks about a point in time and ביומיים talks about duration.

Here we have מחרתיים which means "in two days" as in "the day after tomorrow" - מחר is tomorrow and מחרתיים is like the dual of tomorrow. אני אשלח לך אותו מחרתיים. I will send it to you in two days.

And ביומיים also means "in two days", but in the sense that something takes "two days" - something like "within/during/for two days". קראתי את הספר שלו ביומיים. I read his book in two days.


Thanks for explaining!


Why can't you say not today and not tomorrow but in two days?


You're adding in an "and" that isn't in the Hebrew.

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