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"איך אתה יכול לאהוב מוזיקה מזרחית?"

Translation:How can you like Mizrahit?

August 5, 2016



I'd rather ask how can you not like it?! love it :D


"Mizrahit" is not an English word"! In this context "Middle Eastern music" should be an acceptable translation.


I believe the point here was teaching typical israeli words that are a big part of the israeli cultre, that's why "mizrahit" in this context is a specific name of a genre, rather than the literal meaning of the word. Obviously unlike the literal sense ,you can't really translate it into any other language.


It's called Mizrahi music in English.


Even though this question is quite common in Israel, it's important to know it has a racist history, since Mizrahit was not considered a part of "(white ashkenazi) Isareli culture" for a long time.


The word מוזיקה "music" is in Hebrew sentence. But not in the English words at the bottom for some reason.


That's probably because "מוזיקה מזרחית" might have started as a noun+adjective, but became the proper name of that genre. Most speakers omit the "מוזיקה" in hebrew too, maybe it's only there for clarification.


I have lived in Israel for over a decade. Only in modern Hebrew is Mizraxit a genre of music. For an English speaker, I believe it is important to keep the word "music" because it is not inferred automatically, though in Hebrew it can and is often shortened to the adjective alone representing the genre. Also, having mildly racist content in their Hebrew course isn't something I think duo should support.


I agree of course, and since i'm not a native speaker of english I tend to assume you're right, but I guess this is exactly what they were going for in this "Israel" lesson, exposing the students to israeli cultural concepts that don't necessarily exist in other cultures.

As for the racism, I totally agree. They shouldve found a much better sentence to teach that word.


"You are able to" should be acceptable. It means exactly the same thing in English as "can you." You need more native English speakers!


I'm not sure I agree with you. 'Able to' implies a skill usually. "Are you able to like chocolate?"* Is not a native-acceptable syntax for the various English registers I know. With likes and dislikes, can you give an alternative example using "(how) are you able to like... ". ? Because in the paradigm of this sentence about taste in music, the two are not interchangeable.


Was this sentence really necessary???


Why "oriental music" is not acceptable whatever the local use of "mizrahit" is?


Why pick on mizrahi music? There is a pattern here.

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