"This is the woman."

Translation:זאת האישה.

August 5, 2016

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What is the difference between זאת and זו? I was told "Almost correct: זו האישה" but in this discussion the translation says it should be זאת. What's the deal here?


Both should be correct.


Why are both correct? (I've been thinking one form is masculine and the other feminine, so what is their difference?)


They are both feminine. The masculine one is זה.


You say זו when you are referring to an idea or topic, זאת refers to an object.


They are the same thing. זו is slightly more formal. Other than that, both are completely interchangeable.


I am at loss too here. From my previous knowledge, זה : masculine form; זאת : feminine. I never came across זו...


The words זו and זאת mean exactly the same thing. You can use them interchangeably.


How do you pronounce זה, זו, and זאת


זו=zo. זה=ze. זאת=zot


It seems that some people aren't getting audio for some of these questions? I agree that it would be very helpful. So far, the only word in these bonus questions that has audio when I choose it is "זה"


I was wondering the same. I get a sound only for the word זה from the word bank. I`ve tried two different browsers and got the same result. I would love to hear how the words I have to type in are pronounced.


Shibbyshibz - זאת and זו are both feminine while only זה is masculine


I chose, "זה האישה" It counted it right, but with a typo: it says it shouldn't be, "זה" but, "זו" I chose, "זה" because it was available. "זו" was not available as any of the options.


But I am sure זאת was available, which is the same as זו.

You can't use זה here, because זה is masculine and אישה is feminine. You need either זאת or זו.


I dont understand the difference between הזאת and זאת same to הזה with זה? If someone can explain i would be very thankful


All of them mean "this". However, their position and function is different. זה and זאת are demonstrative pronouns and are followed by nouns:

This is a man - זה גבר

This is a woman - זאת אישה

On the other hand, הזה and הזאת are determiners and they follow the noun, which is always definite:

I love this man - אני אוהב את הגבר הזה

I help this woman - אני עוזר לאישה הזאת.


Thanks man! Appreciated!

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