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  5. "Your name is Péter."

"Your name is Péter."

Translation:Péter a neved.

August 5, 2016



Could we say, Péter a te neved? What's going on with the te?


Yes, we could, but it is totally unnecessary. "Te" is implied, it is already expressed by the suffix "-ed" in "neved". Personal pronouns are only used for emphasis, similarly to Spanish.

[deactivated user]

    I just learned 'Te a neved Zsusza' in an earlier exercise, now suddenly 'Te a neved Péter' is not accepted. I guess that's why it is in beta?


    "Te a neved... " is incorrect in any case. It should be "A (te) neved ... ".


    Peter vagy worked for me.


    "A te neved Péter" is the answer given for one of the "your name is Péter" questions. Could someone explain how this breaks down grammatically?

    I would not think to have this word order but would go with "Péter a neved" and break it down as Péter (is) the name your" and then rearrange. So what do we do with "A te neved Péter" ? Is there some special emphasis with this arrangement?

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