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  5. "Пасажир шукає валізу."

"Пасажир шукає валізу."

Translation:A passenger is looking for the suitcase.

August 5, 2016



why isn't "a passenger looks for a suitcase" correct?


It should be accepted, it's grammatically correct.


How about, "The passenger is looking for his suitcase"?


I thought about it for so long that I started getting confused.

Final conclusion, I added his/her/their because I think in Ukrainian people tend to drop the pronoun when the context is clear.

E.g. I would totally say "Я шукаю валізу" rather than "Я шукаю свою валізу" cause I'm lazy; I'm not very sure if it works in third person too (Він шукає валізу instead of Він шукає свою валізу) just because I thought of it too much and lost the feeling xD

Added it! Thanks a lot for commenting!


I'm happy to contribute --- thank you for helping me learn Ukrainian :-)


This should be "the" not "a". Verified by my Ukrainian wife


Both are valid translations depending on the context


I think if you wanted to be annoyingly analytical about the sentence by bringing pragmatics (linguistics) into it, "the" probably is the better fit than "a" because of the subject. "The passenger" is probably not looking for a random suitcase but a previously established referent, known both by the speaker and recipient of the communication.


It could be either way, Ukrainian language does not have articles


It'd be more specific with цю or ту to mean 'the'.


But in this case it could be a passanger looking for any suitcase or for "the" suitcase


Not a good English translation, surely one can assume it's his suitcase?


"a/the/his/her/their" are all accepted


In English it has to be "his suitcase", which is the unmarked form. "The suitcase" out of context (there's no context here) only begs the question "which suitcase?" It sounds like a translation in other words.

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