"Ti Veszprémbe költöztök, mi pedig Esztergomba."

Translation:You are moving to Veszprém, whereas we are moving to Esztergom.

August 5, 2016

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If we are supposed to use the accents when typing in English, the program has to provide them...otherwise it's a ten minute process of finding them under symbols...


Agreed. But, to those interested, depending on your system, you should be able to install a Hungarian keyboard layout on your device, and then it comes down to just switching layouts. I am using four different layouts on mine, makes life much easier.


I had four, then when it came time to add a fifth one I just made a layout of my own which lets me type all sort of languages :) From Danish å to Hungarian ű to Turkish ğ to Slovak ŕ.


On the Mac, I recommend the US International keyboard layout. You can get all the accents you want, although you have to press a few keys to get them.

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Does lack of accents in the English answer cause anything else than a typo warning?


If you are doing this on a PC you can highlight the text, copy it (CTRL C) and paste it (CTRL V) in your answer. On an iPhone you hold down the letter then the variations with the different accents are displayed and you select the one you want.


I thought you couldn't use the -be -ba suffixes with Hungarian towns and cities, are these exceptions?


For most Hungarian towns (and Magyarország itself) you use the surface suffixes -ra/-on/-ról indeed. Some, however, use the inside suffixes -ba/-ban/-ból, like most places outside of Hungary. The towns in question are those ending on -i, -j, -m, -n, and -ny.


Esztergomba legjobb gomba!


------- i don't know about esztergom's mushrooms but i do know that spectacular esztergom is spectacularly under-visited ! . . .

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