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Polish phonology and orthography are hard for me, yet easier in Cyrillic...


So I have trouble pronouncing/recognizing Polish words yet I really want to learn the language, yet the strange thing is, if I put the above text into Cyrillic (approximate) I can read it just fine. В шчебжешинє хжашч бжмі в тжцінє. (I used the Ukrainian alphabet and I did the approx. pronunciation based off of the few skills I'd done)

Any help with improving my pronunciation?

August 5, 2016



Well, that's true that Cyrillic is closer than the basic Latin alphabet, but still it doesn't have ą and ę and I suspect dź/dzi may be a problem as well... and the palatalization is a bit different, so I wouldn't be so sure about your version of "ci" in "trzcinie".


I think you might find some help in this discussion... https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12303495

I have found it most helpful to talk with Polish friends, especially if they are happy to correct my mispronunciations. Other than that, I watch/listen to Polish broadcasts and Polish films. I enjoy Radio Bielsko http://www.radiobielsko.pl/pliki/stat.php?id=97 but there are many to choose from.

My tip, if you are watching a Polish film, is to try it with Polish subtitles, if they are available. I found it helpful to be able to see and hear the words.


Nice idea with Cyrillic, but some Polish sounds a bit different than Ukrainian ones (but still Polish with Ukrainian versions of sounds is much better for me XD).

You should get someone as a talking partner, you can get someone online, for example here: gospeaky.com and listen to Polish music (what's your favourite kind of music?) and watch Polish films/TV shows:

TVP (Polish Public/State TV) - http://vod.tvp.pl/

Private TVs:

TVN - http://player.pl/

Polsat - http://www.polsat.pl/

You can also listen to Polish radio, here's "official" public/state radio:


Other private ones:




And much more... Sorry, but pages are only in Polish

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