"What are the English policemen like?"

Translation:Milyenek az angol rendőrök?

August 5, 2016

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I also seem to struggle with when to use Milyen and when to use Milyenek. Advice anyone?


It acts just like an adjective:

When directly preceding a noun, it's always singular:

  • "Milyen kutyád van?" -- "What kind of dog do you have?"
  • "Milyen szoknyákat vettél?" -- "What kinds of skirts did you buy?"

When it's the predicate of the sentence (what is/are ... like?), it's singular if it refers to a singular noun, and plural if it refers to a plural one.

  • "Milyen a ruhád?" -- "What is your dress like?"
  • "Milyenek a német autók?" -- "What are German cars like?"
  • "Milyen az a három város?" -- "What are those three cities like?"
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