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  5. "Did you have breakfast?"

"Did you have breakfast?"

Translation:Gaethoch chi frecwast?

August 5, 2016



Is it possible to use the construction with gwneud on cael or mynd (e.g. "Gwnes i gael brecwast" or "Wnest ti fynd i'r ysgol ddoe") or do people only use the short form on these verbs?


People tend to use the short forms for those verbs (cael, mynd, dod, gwneud) because they are so common. For that reason, too, there are several dialect forms of the four of them, but this course sticks with what is a fairly common standard for each of them, as taught in WJEC 'Welsh for Adults' courses and course books.


Diolch yn fawr.


why is breakfast spelt with a b or an f?


That is due to its having a soft mutation. See the course notes for a full explanation.

  • brecwast - breakfast
  • Ges i frecwast - I had breakfast

The b- is mutated to f- because brecwast is the object of the verb ges in this sentence.

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