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  5. "אני לא אוהב אוכל מר."

"אני לא אוהב אוכל מר."

Translation:I don't like bitter food.

August 5, 2016



ani lo ohev okhel mar


The way the "r" sound in מר is pronounced seems a little strange. It almost sounds like "ow".


It's standard Israeli pronounciation identical to French and very common among Jews in other countries. Apparently, it differs from English, American, or/and Italian.


Hebrew ר (resh) is most often an uvular approximant [ʁ̞], sometimes a voiced uvular trill [ʀ], while French "r" is a voiced uvular fricative [ʁ]. A certain difference can be heard. All of them are so difficult that my Hebrew teacher told me (I'm Polish and my "r" is trilled [r] or tapped [ɾ]) not to care much about that sound if it slows me and makes me less comfortable to speak Hebrew.


It's resh, the r is rolled.in the back of the throat, but here it's like a almost roll. I think it's just more obvious here because the word is short and it's the last letter. But I'm learning too so who knows. (Where Israelis place their tongue/mouth for certain sounds is also different. (Where I learned to pronounce resh, etc.

From professional pronunciation coach:

Hebrew Pronunciation for English Speakers: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfwqVVFqlT1v0tS9hhTg7kL1cUVyO4oFY


No. It's not supposed to be like that


אני לא אוהב לאכול מר. Two verbs together. The second one don't come infinitive?????


There aren't two verbs here. אוכל means food, just as the translation says.


I understand why!

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