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"C'est la même chose pour tous."

Translation:It is the same thing for all.

February 2, 2013



Just a remark : the last word should be said "touss" and not "tou" (the final 's' should be pronounced).

February 2, 2013


and why? because it is a pronoun here.

a trick to remember: pronoun = pronounced

December 8, 2013


Dl tells us : «write what you hear». well. we hear «tout», then we have to write «tout» even if we know that the audio would have had to be «tous».

Isn't it a paradoxal situation? we are penalysed If we do what we had been said to do.!!

December 26, 2017


You know, the problem with having French on Duolingo is that as a Duolingo employee you must be committed to truly exploring all the possible correct answers. I am a native French speaker. I cannot count how many times I have missed a question that is actually correct. I've also encountered many "true" answers that are incorrect, or multiple correct answers that are not included in the correct answer. The French here needs serious revision.

February 14, 2014


Then report the answers that you think should be accepted! You can help Duolingo be better in the future by doing so.

July 5, 2014


This I do! Thanks :)

July 8, 2014


Without receiving a wage. Duolingo rubs its/his/her/their hands with glee.

June 22, 2015



May 20, 2014


Did you mean "definitely"? Because I've never seen "définitivement" used that way in French before. It's only used to mean "forever" as far as I know, not "for sure". Could be that people in Quebec use it that way though, they do use a lot of expressions similar to English ones.

May 20, 2014


Oh, thanks for your info!

I said that as to mean 'definitely,' as that is what Duo told me it was! lol.

Could you tell me what word you use for 'definitely?'

Thanks, miss!

May 29, 2014


I would probably use "absolument" and either "clairement" (adverb) or "c'est clair" (on its own). I don't think there is just one translation, probably depends on the person.

May 29, 2014


Will "tous" typically refer to "everyone", rather than "everything"? Or should "everything" be accepted here?

April 23, 2013


"Tous" means "everyone". "Tout" means "everything". One is singular and the other is plural. However, the pronounciation of "tous" includes the S, and it wasn't included here. It should have been. If you heard it pronounced and wrote down "tout", you were right.

November 21, 2013


Yes, but tous is also the plural form of tout, and when it is the s is not pronounced. http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/tout.htm

December 14, 2013


Yes, but in that form, it's not used on its own. You would use it in sentences such as "tous les gens" or "tous ceux qui utilisent Duolingo" or that kind of thing. The "tous" that has its S unpronounced is not used on its own, so it cannot be it, it wouldn't be grammatically correct.

So based on the pronunciation they give, they only grammatically correct spelling would be "tout".

December 15, 2013


Yes, I agree that the pronunciation is wrong!

December 15, 2013


Very clear - Ta :)

May 26, 2014


Go to this link IMMEDIATELY, read the lesson and then take the 20 question test. A FABULOUS way to nail the difference between tout, tous, toute and toutes....Thank You!!!

June 2, 2014


Thanks, Avistew. I was looking for the difference between "tout" and "tous"

May 22, 2014


I'd say "everyone" works much better than "everything". I personally wouldn't translate it as "everything".

May 7, 2013


shouldn't it be touSSSSSSSSS (i mean pronouncing the S) because it is a pronoun and not an adjetive

September 24, 2013


You should hear the s, yes. What she actually says is "tout".

September 27, 2013


why "tout" not accepted? for all , has to be "tous" or "toutes"? when "tout" can be used?

May 20, 2013


if you follow the pronunciation there it SHOULD be tout. tous should be pronounced TOUSSS.

June 12, 2013


Yes, I said "tout" and it was wrong.

February 10, 2015


"Tout" would have another meaning. It would mean "everything" and not "everyone" here.

August 1, 2013


but one says "tout le monde" not "tous le monde"...

August 22, 2013


It is indeed "Tout le monde" because "monde" is uncountable. However you would say " Tous les gens", "Tous les individus", "Tous les participants". That's the way it goes indeed :)

August 23, 2013


If you mean tous, the s should then be pronounced here. Could you please correct the pronunciation?!

tout the t is silent.

April 15, 2014


I also heard "tout" and not "touS" and it was marked wrong. As noted by others previously, I believe this should be corrected.

April 15, 2014



April 18, 2014



April 9, 2013


can toutes be used instead of tous ?

February 9, 2015


pour tout le son est bon, mais pour tous on doit entendre le 's' j'entends : c'est la même chose pour tout

February 8, 2017


I was taught that the word "tous" which refers to people has the "s" pronounced at the end to distinguish it from the pronoun "tout"

July 20, 2017


Is Duolingo going to fix it for 2018???? Pronounciation is tousssss. Thanks

April 19, 2018
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