"Which room are you sleeping in?"

Translation:Melyik szobában alusztok?

August 5, 2016

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Why is it Melyik ? I thought it was a plural form with the "-k" ending


This word is a bit irregular.

"Melyik" is singular, it just happens to end in -k. Logically, its plural form should be "melyikek", but that's not a correct word. There are two forms used for plural: mely and melyek.

"Mely" is used for "which + plural noun": "Mely szobákban alusztok?", while "melyek" is used for "Which ones".

To clear it up:

  • "Which room is clean?" -- "Melyik szoba tiszta?"
  • "Which rooms are clean?" -- "Mely szobák tiszták?"

  • "Which one is the clean room?" -- "Melyik a tiszta szoba?"

  • "Which ones are the clean rooms?" -- "Melyek a tiszta szobák?"


How do we know from the English which form of "you" to use? If I were working at the reception, I would use "alszik" in this question..


You can't tell from the English sentence which form of "you" to use in Hungarian, and so all forms should be accepted (te, ti, ön, önök).

If you use one of them and it's rejected, report it so that that alternative can be added. It's not possible to add all the alternatives automatically, unfortunately.

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