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  5. "האמא או האבא?"

"האמא או האבא?"

Translation:The mom or the dad?

August 5, 2016



it would be a lot better with audio!


This is the 5th problem in a row with the same text and the same answer. Something is up. No audio also makes this annoying.


Agree, wish there was audio.


Yea or a least a way to sound it out like האמא and underneath it in () (h-ah-מ- ah) not sure if i got the first letter right


Using "the" in the English translation makes no sense grammatically. Also I wish there were vowels.


We say "the mom and the dad" in English all the time. As an example: "Let's play house! John and Mary, you play the mom and the dad. Suzy and Billy, you be the kids." "I wasn't listening. Who are John and Mary going to be?" "The mom and the dad!"


If I say mother and father it should be fine but it didnt... I noted that to Dulingo. Just saying incase this happens to you;)


This is exciting!


How can I enlarge the letters of the learning language? These tiny letters are really hard to read, especially when learning a new alphabet with different letters. Please help. Thanks.

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