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Ho to select the right/important lessons to go further?

Could somebody explain me when you are in the "strength-phase". How I could know which "redo"-lessons I really have to redo. All "redo"-buttons have the same color...

August 5, 2016



Do you mean to ask which skills you should practice, or what you should do to be able to progress further?

If it's the first: when you're looking at your tree, look for skills that are not golden in colour. Click on them, and on the right side there will be an option to strengthen that skill. Click on that button and you will be presented with exercises from all lessons of that particular skill. It's generally a good idea to keep all skills in your tree gold to ensure that the words get into your long-term memory, but it isn't necessary for being able to advance.

If you're unable to learn new skills, make sure that you've completed all lessons in all skills up to the one you want to learn.

Redoing any of the lessons is not necessary; you can do it if you feel like you didn't grasp fully what you were taught there.


The problem is you have no statistics (or I didn't find them) about the lessons you "redid". And then the colored or part of them go grey.


Yes, there are no statistics for that. You will have to keep track of how many times you've redone each lesson yourself.

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