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Time practice and Hebrew

I used Duolingo mainly for Italian before Hebrew came out. On the italian tree, I use time practice all of the time, it's very easy for me.

But for Hebrew, I simply do not have enough time (probably because of how long I need to type in another script, or just the overall difficulty of the language for a romance languages speaker). Even if I get them all right, I can only answer four questions, maximum.

I know this has an easy solution : I shouldn't use time practice. But I find it very useful for Italian. Couldn't the Duo staff just give a little more time for Hebrew in time practice (like ten seconds ?) ? It would really help me.

Am I the only one who find Hebrew time practice wayyyy too hard for a beginner ?

August 5, 2016



I don't think it's supposed to be easy... it will get easier with practice!

By the way, four correct questions is better than I've done so far. I might manage better on some of the early skills, but on general practice I'm comically bad! :) But hey, that's what being a beginner is like!


I had 2 questions in the timed practice, so I stopped to do it until later.... It is because it takes me long to read, and very long to find the letters on the keyboard while writing the answer. I am not used at the Hebrew keyboard and have no idea where the letter I need is, so I have more or less to browse the whole keyboard for every letter. I think that if the timed practice was spoken (answering through a microphoe) we would do much better.


Timed practice is great, but I also have those problems! is there anybody out there that can do it?

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