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  5. "Do you hear female singers?"

"Do you hear female singers?"

Translation:Hallasz énekesnőket?

August 5, 2016



Would putting noun first be acceptable?


Yes, both orders of the words in the Hungarian sentence are fine.


Fine but also quite different. :) Like "do you hear any or you don't" vs "singers or something else"


What about Te énekesnőket hallasz? It is unclear when it is permissible to omit the subject pronoun.


You can pretty much always omit the subject pronoun. It's only really used if you want to put extra stress on which person is doing the action. (Én voltam - It was me, no one else).
That said, your sentence is fine. :)


Here it is again! ... Why isn't the proper conjugation hallod?


Because hallod is the definite conjugation, only used when talking about a definite object. For this sentence, it would have to be Hallod az énekesnőket? Without that definite az, the verb must be in the indefinite conjugation, which would have to be hallasz for the second-person singular "you" subject. See also the conjugation table for hall at Wiktionary.

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