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  5. "Elephants are animals."

"Elephants are animals."

Translation:Những con voi là động vật.

August 5, 2016



Why is "con voi là..." allowed? Comments on other questions have said that using con means it refers to a specific elephant not elephants in general. So with con wouldn't it mean "The elephant is an animal" which is wrong?


This is an error of Duo. I am Vietnamese. The correct translate must be: "Voi là động vật" or "Những con voi là những con vật". You are right.


Yes, doesn't CON VOI mean THE ELEPHANT, while VOI can mean either ELEPHANT or ELEPHANTS??


Why nhũng con vọi is wrong?


Why do we use the classifer con for 'elephants' but not for 'animals'? Is it because we only need to classify once in this case or because 'animals' doesn't need a classifier?


"động vật" itself is a general noun. Classifier is to accompany other noun (specific: chair, lion, lemonade, apple. general: object, animal, species, fruit...) that particularly refers to a thing/animal/object.


How would you then say "THE animal"?

Also--why is it "con voi" for "elephants" (generic, instead of THE elephant) instead of just 'voi', but in another exercise in this module (Dragons are not animals) putting in "con rồng" was marked wrong and it would not accept anything but 'rồng' by itself as right.


Why can't we put a nhung for pluralism?


This is a correct answer ... you dont need to put THE in the front of the elephans


Why we don't need to put " the " in front of the elephants ? I still don't understand what is the difference ?

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