"I work at the expensive restaurant."

Translation:A drága étteremnél dolgozom.

August 5, 2016

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It accepts both étteremnél and étteremben. Which is the correct one and if both are - what is the difference in their usage?


Does the word dolgozok exist in Hungarian or did I just make it up? If it does exist what is the difference between dolgozom and dolgozok? Köszi!!!


dolgozok is an -ik verb.

Those traditionally take -m in the first person singular indefinite form, even though they are nearly all intransitive (and so can't take a definite form).

Some people use -k in that case anyway, while others consider that usage wrong. How wrong it sounds apparently depends on the particular verb; with some -ik verbs, -k is accepted a lot more than with others.


Én dolgozom a drága étteremnél Why is it wrong?


Is etteremnel correct here or should it be etteremben? As it does not seem to mean the same as the English phrase "at the restaurant".

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