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"Ezek a városok a Fekete Tengernél vannak."

Translation:These cities are by the Black Sea.

August 5, 2016



According to Wikipedia the most populous ones are:

  • Istanbul (14.3 mil.)
  • Odessa (1 mil.)
  • Samsun (535k)
  • Varna (474k)
  • Sevastopol (379k)
  • Sochi (343k)
  • Trabzon (305k)
  • Constanța (283k)
  • Novorossiysk (241k)
  • Burgas (223k)
  • Batumi (190k)


Is város not town AND city?


Both translations should be correct, report it.


We need more locations in some of these examples, or maybe a whole lesson.


Why is Black Sea capitalised, but Hungarian and other English proper nouns are not? Is this a mistake or is there a system here I am unaware of?


As far as I know, proper nouns are properly (;-)) capitalised in Hungarian as well as in English. Are you confused about words related to country names? It seems to me that in Hungarian only the actual names of the countries (so the 'basic' proper nouns) are capitalised. See: 'lengyel' is only an adjective meaning 'Polish'; 'Lengyelorsag' means 'Poland' and it is capitalised. On the other hand, 'lengyelül' is not. The system varies from language to language in general. :)


It was primarily country names, magyar, for instance, or ausztrál, but also the names of days of the week and the names of months which are never capitalised here except when they appear at the beginning of a sentence. Should they not be capitalised as well?


No, they shouldn't be capitalised. Actually, it seems it is English that is more unusual in this sense, for capitalising more stuff compared to other languages. I've found a Wikipedia article that casts some light on the issue of capitalisation in Hungarian: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungarian_orthography#Capitalization . I just hope it's correct.


Okay, that is helpful. Thanks very much!


Actually "Fekete Tenger" is not the correct spelling. It should be "Fekete-tenger".


it does not make sense, we dont say in english "these cities are by the black sea" perhaps "these cities are standing by the black sea" would be more appropriate

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