"A lot or a little?"

Translation:Sokat vagy keveset?

August 5, 2016

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Why accusative case here ? Is there an implicit context justifying the direct object ?


"Sok vagy kevés" should be accepted as well, as you can't tell from the English sentence which one is intended.


What's wrong with "Sokat vagy kicsit?"


I'm no native speaker, but I think Kicsit means small as in size.


Not necessarily. "Kicsit" can be used in other meanings, too, but then the opposite should be "nagyon" instead of "sokat". You can take the following two dialogues as an example:

"I am sad" - "Szomorú vagyok." "A lot or a little?" - "Nagyon vagy kicsit?" "Kicsit szomorú vagyok" - "I am a little sad." "Nagyon szomorú vagyok." - "I am very sad."

"I am late." - "Kések." "A lot or a little" - "Nagyon vagy kicsit?" "Kicsit kések." - "I am a little late." "Nagyon kések." - "I am very late."

In both examples, you could use "a lot" instead of "very", but i think it would mean more a habit or an ongoing event. Also, the opposite would change from "kicsit" to "keveset", meaning "a little", "not too often": "(Lately) I am sad a lot" - "(Mostanában) sokat vagyok szomorú."


So one could say "Nagyon vagy kicsit?"


Yes, for example "Nagyon vagy kicsit (fáj)?" which would translate to "(Does it hurt) a lot or a little?"

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