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  5. "למה את רוצָה ללמוד אספרנטו?"

"למה את רוצָה ללמוד אספרנטו?"

Translation:Why do you want to study Esperanto?

August 5, 2016


[deactivated user]

    Love that Esperanto reference. Zamenhof himself would've been proud of the revival pf his ancestral language, Hebrew.


    Excellent question. Why would ANYONE want to learn Esperanto?


    A few reasons that I can think of: 1. You are a linguist and have a professional interest in the language 2. You are a language enthusiast and want to learn as many languages as you can. 3. You want to learn a constructed language, but don't want to learn one that is based on a fantasy or science fiction setting. 4. You have some interest in the Esperanto community. 5. You are crazy enough to believe Esperanto would ever be adopted as a world language.


    Esperanto? More like Esper... Can't-o... Esper-chant-o? Whisper-slant-o? AGHHH! Help me guys, I can't think of a pun! What is wrong with me?


    A spare rant oh? No. That's no good.



    ...I think yours was better. XD


    Loooooool a spare and two...


    Esperanto and Hebrew are sometimes considered to be sister languages, both having been devised by Jews in the Russian empire around the same time, each aimed at a specific community. And before dissing a language community, you should first read up about it. Try Bridge of Words by Ester Schor - the book describes the Jewish background of the author of Esperanto and how it influenced the philosophy that motivated the language.

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