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  5. "Egy légy van a pohárban!"

"Egy légy van a pohárban!"

Translation:There is a fly in the glass!

August 5, 2016



Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!

(Never mind that no one serves soup in glasses)


Let me give that a try.

Pincér, van egy légy a levesemben!


Pincér, van egy légy a levesemben! We haven't done possessives yet if you are going top-down. I haven't seen them yet.

leves (soup) + -em (my) + -ben (in)


True. Five minutes ago I just found an inert bug floating in my scotch glass.


Oh, that is just the worst.


There is nothing worse than a légy in your pohár....except when that légy is részeg!


how would 'a fly is in the glass' be translated?


----- duo accepted: a fly is in the glass . . .

Big 18 feb 19


And there is a snake in my boot!


Glass means "uveg", pohar means cup. Uvegpohar means glass cup, a cup can be made out of anything; however, glass by itself does not mean cup


I replied to you at another sentence. Pohár means glass (and it can also mean cup).

see here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/17046576


As I said, Uveg does not mean cup, it means glass. Uvegpohar means glass cup. Cup by itself does not mean glass!


What is your native language? English, I think.

When you drink water, would you say, "I am drinking from a glass cup" or "I am drinking from a glass" ?

How about "I would like a glass of water", which is in Hungarian "Kérek egy pohár vizet"


In English the word "glass" can mean the material or a drinking vessel with no handle - usually made of glass - but sometimes plastic.

In Hungarian this is two different words. The material is üveg - which can also mean bottle - but not a glass. The drinking vessel is a pohár - which is not a cup. In English a cup has a handle and is normally ceramic - not glass.

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