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  5. "Ich komme aus Österreich."

"Ich komme aus Österreich."

Translation:I come from Austria.

February 5, 2014



Couldn't this be translated as "I am coming from Austria."?


Yes, it could, also: "I come from Austria."

The best translation for "I am comming from Austria." might be "Ich komme gerade aus Österreich." "gerade" works well to express the present continuous form, which does not exist in German.


I would disagree as the sentence I am from generally means that you are talking about your fatherland and not just where you come from right now.
I am coming from can only be used in the right now version.


I'm pretty sure in the case of location rather than homeland that we would use "von" instead of aus


Depends on the type of location.

Cities and countries are treated like containers; you stay “in” them and you come “from out of” (aus) them.

You could come von Peter, von der Bäckerei but not von Hamburg, von Deutschland.


I come from Australia was not accepted : (


I come from Australia was not accepted : (

Of course not.

Österreich is the country in Europe with Mozart, not the country down by New Zealand with the kangaroos.

It's Austria, not Australia.


Can "I am from Austria" be "Ich bin aus Osterreich"?


I'm from Australia also should work


I'm from Australia also should work

Eh? Österreich isn't anywhere near Australia. Completely wrong part of the Earth.


Isn't "ST" & "SP" in German supposed to be pronounced as "SH" in English?


Yes, but... only if they start a syllable.

Die Stadt - the city (with sht) (also: die Großstadt - the major city with sht)
Du bist - You are (wit st)

Das Spiel - the game (with shp) (also: das Beispiel - the example with shp)
Die Wespe - the wasp (with sp)

By the way, in Northern dialects they never pronounce the sh - in sp and st. In Southwestern dialects the always do.


'Ich stamme aus Österreich' would be interpreted as 'I am from Austria'

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