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  5. "הארנב רואֶה אתכם."

"הארנב רואֶה אתכם."

Translation:The rabbit sees you.

August 5, 2016



Does anyone else think that plural words/forms of "you" should be acceptably translated to "y'all"? "Y'all"/"You all" is the closest thing that English has to a plural form of "you". I dunno.. That just something I've thought about. XD


English used to have both singular and plural forms of the word "you." They were (most recently) "thou" and "ye" or "you." (The last two being plural.") Sadly, we lost the word "thou," and just have one word for singular & plural.
What helped me with studying Hebrew was learning Spanish years earlier. Spanish has tú & vosotros.


It may be the best literal translation, but in English it's still considered slang. If you want to argue that you heard everyone from a certain place saying that, you could argue that "you all" OR "y'all" is part of a "regional dialect," but most people would still call it "slang." That's partly because in standard English, we use the word "you" for both the second person singular and the second person plural, regardless of gender.


Exactly how I had to think about these plural forms of "you" just to wrap my head around the concept.


Sounds like he is saying "Ha-Ar-Beh-Nav" but the spelling looks like "Ha-Ar-Nev?"


sounds like ha avanav


I heard "abraham roe etjem" >


Why the rabbit is seeing you isn't accepted?


Because that's not correct in English. The verb "to see" has a different meaning if you say "is seeing". It means he/she is dating someone.


Although it would be a stretch to find a situation where "is seeing" would be good usage for a rabbit, it's not incorrect English in certain situations. Examples: 1."My friend is seeing the world through rose-colored glasses again. Doesn't she realize how bad things are?" 2. "I'm seeing this situation in a whole new light now that you've told me the facts." Whereas Hebrew has only one form for present tense, English has 4. In this example, the tense is called present progressive. DL doesn't always get around to putting all forms of present as acceptable . People have to use the flag to report missing correct options, using "My answer should have been accepted."


I've never dated a rabbit either!!! they don't sit still in the cinema


This sentence scares me a little


It sounds weird even though I understand it


The announcer's pronunciation here and in a few other examples is very poor and unclear.


Ha-'aranav rô'eh etxem.


I used אתכן and it sais I should have used אתכם. Why?


Is so bored sometimes like a put הארנב רואה אתם


My answer is same as yours, yet you marked incorrect.


I get the reference :)


Yay! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶


What is it? I don't get it...

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