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  5. "You want a coffee."

"You want a coffee."

Translation:Rwyt ti eisiau coffi.

August 5, 2016



So how do dych chi and rwyt ti differ?


There is an explanation of the difference in the 'Hints and Tips' notes for the 'Wanting2' section - use a browser to see these, as they are not available on the app.

ti is used if the 'you' is singular and familar to you. chi is used for all plural 'you' and with people you do not know well.


what do you mean, 'almost correct' and the correct answer is dych chieisiau coffi ??? Is that a typo on duolingo's part, are both correct, or have I been doing it wrong all this time??? (when I was lazy and used the old version instead of trying to remember the new one for the lesson, and got marked almost correct)


A typo, now corrected. Thank you for spotting it.


"dych chi'n eisiau coffi" is wrong? says right answer is "dych chi'n moyn coffi"?


There is no 'n/yn with eisiau - see the notes for the section. If you do put in 'n/yn, then Duo assumes that you wanted to use Dw i'n moyn... instead - a common expression in parts of S and SE Wales that we do not teach but that is accepted as an alternative answer.

The course team has no control over what Duo offers as potential corrections, as that seems to be determined by the software.

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