"He hates me but I do not hate him."

Translation:הוא שונא אותי אך אני לא שונא אותו.

August 5, 2016

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What are the guidelines when to use אלא? For אך and אבל is it matter of preference?


if you can replace "but" with "rather" you would use אלא in Hebrew. about אך and אבל, they are synonyms, though אך is more formally. btw, there are three more synonyms for but: אוּלָם [u'-lam], really formally and rearly used in everyday speaking, בְּרַם [be'-ram] archaic and probably will not run into it outside the academic world, עִם זֹאת [i'm zot'] is used mainly during the debate about the pros and cons of a particular thing (for example "I don't think I will continue to go out with him, the communication was not something but as we managed to talk, the conversations were reallllyy interesting" that but can be translated to עם זאת)

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you use אלא when you first deny something, then correct it. in other words - first a negative sentence then a positive one. it was not me but him. he is not dead but asleep. i do not study englush but rather hebrew.


hu soné otí ach aní lo soné otó.


I had a "select all correct translations" task, one of the choices was החלב שונא אותי אבל אני לא שונא אותו. :'D


Milk hates me sometimes too!


I wrote "הוא שונא אותי אבל אני לא שונא אותו" but it wasn't accepted. I've reported it.


In the previous question אבל wasn't correct, but now in the same sentence with multiple choice they make you choose both אבל and אך....why? I am really confused


How would one pronounce this?


hu so-ne o-ti a-ch a-ni lo so-ne o-to.

I must say, the "אך" doesn't feel very natural here, most people would have used "אבל" [a-val] instead.


Wouldn't this word correspond to English "however"?


Yes, "however" is a possible translation of the word אך.


hate hate hate too many examples with hate


Why not הוא שונה לי? I reported it.


You reported it in vain. The verb שונא is followed by a direct object, not indirect. הוא שונא לי is incorrect Hebrew.

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