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  5. "הם רק ישתמשו בה."

"הם רק ישתמשו בה."

Translation:They will only use her.

August 5, 2016



Translating בה as it might make the sentence sound a little less distasteful.


"It" is an accepted answer.


Hem rak yishtamshú ba.


The various translations leave much to be desired -- Is it meant to say that "they will use only her" that makes sense -- the official translation is both poor English and quite distasteful.


There is something very important you are missing. בה is here translated as "her", probably in order to make it clear that it is feminine, but most often this בה would not be about people but objects, which are feminine (all nouns are gendered, remember). So, I read this sentence differently.

As for the translation above, that is what it also means, not the way you suggested (for that you'd need to move רק before בה). I'd say it's as distasteful as you imagine it to be. But I guess it's because English, where you are coming from, is not a gendered language and mine is, so I read this sentence differently than you.

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