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  5. "הם יצטרפו אלינו מחר."

"הם יצטרפו אלינו מחר."

Translation:They will join us tomorrow.

August 5, 2016



Is there a distinction between יצטרפו and יתחבר?


I guess both have meaning "to join" but just have different origin: חבר=friend; צריף=shed, shack


Nice members of the root family! I would never have thought about a connection with צְרִיף! It was called a hut, because it is joined together in a cone-shaped form, not because you can join there, because the word form is passive (something which was joined together).


Do the two words for join in this chapter have different meanings? Is one for institutions and the other for informal groups of people?


Hem yitztarfu eleinu machar


Your written pronunciation is very helpful, toda :-)


Dear creators of this lesson, please allow for the other form of English verb tenses to be used in the answers. I can answer "They will be joining us tomorrow" as well as the above answer . . . both are exactly the same meaning.


Do you know about the flag? If you click on that it allows you to actually report this to Duolingo, whereas here you're just sharing with a community of learners, not the creators of the lessons.


can you use לנו here too?

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