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  5. "Milyen városokat ismersz?"

"Milyen városokat ismersz?"

Translation:What kind of cities do you know?

August 6, 2016



why milyen is not in plural as other questions where the subject is plural?


Because here the word is right before a noun, modifying it.

Adjectives don't get plural or case endings in such a case, and syntactically, milyen acts like an adjective.

If there were no noun, then you could see Milyeneket ismersz? "What kinds do you know?"


What would be "what cities do you know"?


It is kind of the same.

"Milyen" is kind of an "indefinite" question word. You can also see this in the indefinite conjugation of the verb "ismerSZ".

So it matches both "What kind..." and "What..." in this type of question.

Its "definite" counterpart is "melyik", that corresponds to "which":

"Which cities do you know?" - "Melyik városokat ismerED?" - With definite conjugation on the verb.


So, being rather wooden in my translation, I translated it as "What are the cities you know like?" Milyen has repeatedly been presented as translating as "What are...like?" Yes, yes, "What kind of cities do you know?" is better in English, but you can say what I wrote in English, just not so elegantly. So why is my translation incorrect?

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