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  5. "She drinks water."

"She drinks water."

Translation:Cô ấy uống nước.

August 6, 2016



When you use cô by itself, you are talking to the woman. If you are an observer of a woman, you are in third person and should use ấy meaning "that woman there" Informally though, you could simplify things and just say "cô uống nước". Viets will know what you mean.


Phải là cô ấy uống nước nhé bạn orangeasterisk


Thanks for the explanation


"Cô uống nước" should also work, no?


Vietnamese has a number of different pronouns for "you," each for a different audience. To turn a "you" into an impersonal pronoun (like he/she), you can just add ấy after it.

Cô is actually a word that can be used to address women (usually women who are older than you). To create the pronoun "she," cô and ấy are combined to make "cô ấy."

[deactivated user]

    Would you still use cô ấy if you were referring to a younger girl or an old lady?


    (Em, chi, co, ba) ay should all work for different ages of woman


    Why can't I just use chi ấy?


    Cô ấy and chị ấy is correct


    Cô ấy, chị ấy, bà ấy, bạn ấy (nữ) = she Anh ấy, ông ấy, bạn ấy (nam) = he ông, bà, Cô, anh, chị, bạn = you

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