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  5. "לא מדברים על זה."

"לא מדברים על זה."

Translation:We do not talk about that.

August 6, 2016



So in this case how do you know the correct pronoun is anachnu?


It's not really any specific pronoun, it's a general statement. I think a better translation would be "It's not talked about", but you could also use other generic pronouns, depending on the context. Example - "לא מדברים על זה מספיק בבית ספר" = "it's not talked about enough at school", "they don't talk about it enough at school".

Or: "לא מדברים על זה בבית שלנו" = "It's not talked about in our house" or "We don't talk about that in our house".


Could you say "one does not speak about it", which seems to have the same sense in English, but is phrased in the singular

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