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  5. "אני לא יודע."

"אני לא יודע."

Translation:I don't know.

August 6, 2016



How would you say this if you're a girl? (Such a useful phrase!)


"אני לא יודעת"

(Ani lo yoda'at)


Does anyone else feel like the sentences should be written with vowels so that one can learn with or without audio?


I think if there was an option within the lesson that makes the vowels appear (and disappear), it'd be better.


Yes and no. Yes because it would be easier. No because this is how it would appear in the real world and I don't want to be too reliant on vowels.


In the Ulpan I was learning Hebrew at in Tel Aviv, we had a big discussion about this. They chose not to include the nikkud (I think that's the right word - the vowels) because you very rarely see them in every day use in Israel. Road signs, advertisements, products, newspapers and such very often do not have them. I found it a bit frustrating, but on the other hand I now don't rely on them at all, which I might have if I had started learning that way.

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