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"Một người rất quan trọng một người rất bất lịch sự."

Translation:A very important person is a very impolite person.

August 6, 2016



I understand that this sentence is grammatically correct, but I find the meaning of this sentence to be very wrong. It makes me feel uneasy.


Agreed. It's more of an observation - valid I'm afraid, uneasy as it may make us feel - than a precept.


Duolingo isn't here to teach you morality.


Not sure whether this didn't work: "A very important person is a very rude person."


Maybe it is alluding to a reality. Important people are often very rude to us "unimportant" people.


Does this have the same connotation of a sweeping generalization in Vietnamese as it does in English? Or does the Vietnamese version imply simply that one particular person has both of these traits?

If the latter, then the English needs to be changed.

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