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  5. "Ty piszesz książkę."

"Ty piszesz książkę."

Translation:You are writing a book.

August 6, 2016



R.I.P. my mouth trying to pronounce this


:-) Ti peeshesh kshouzhkeh


What is the reason for" jest książka " and not " jest książkę ". Is it because " jest" like " is " in English (called verbs to be) have nominative case after them rather than objective case. Thanks George (Jurek/Jerzy)


Piszesz książkę - object in accusative case.

Ona jest książką - object after the verb "is" takes the instrumental case.

If it's the subject of the sentence, then it takes the nominative case - książka.


"Jest książką" by itself is technically correct, but I'd say, very unlikely, since it's the same as on/ona/ono jest książką, with the pronoun omitted. But it's fine if there is a second noun: "Ten przedmiot jest książką".

Ok, I guess, technically, it works in:

  • Czym jest ten przedmiot?
  • Jest książką.

But I don't know if I'd ever say that.

As a standalone phrase "Jest książka" is much more likely, since it means "there is a book".


Thanks for the replies. Polish is too hard with all the different endings. It's been about 60 years since I learned about cases. I could not speak English when I started school in grade 1 in Australia, but by the second year I got the hang of it after which it all came naturally. I assume it would be like that for children in all countries. At least my cousins in Poland understand me .

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