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  5. "Ő szakács."

"Ő szakács."

Translation:She is a cook.

August 6, 2016



how to say" he cooks "please


Why do you not use the article for a/an in sentences like this?


Maybe because "egy" is also "one" and it sounds a bit odd to quantify a person, even subconsciously. Also, what I tend to say regarding this question: with "egy", you introduce one new, well-defined "instance" while without "egy", you define stuff by what is it like rather than creating distinct instances. "(s)he has everything by we identify cooks" rather than "(s)he is one (newly mentioned) instance of cooks".


There are other languages that do not use the indefinite article with professions:

  • French: Il est cuisinier.
  • German; Er ist Koch.
  • Portuguese: Ele é cozinheiro.
  • Romanian: Este bucătar.


This is not a proper sentence, need to add 'egy'


You CAN add egy, but you do not need to. It is a completely valid sentence on its own.

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