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  5. "Az zokni, nem pedig zseb!"

"Az zokni, nem pedig zseb!"

Translation:That is a sock and not a pocket!

August 6, 2016



The fool sewed socks onto the side of his coat


"Az zokni" vagy "a zokni" ?


a zokni = "the sock"

az zokni = "that is a sock"


Köszönöm szépen


But where is :a or egy?Például: "az a zokni" or "az egy zokni" and plural would be zoknik? Or egy pár zokni? Két zokni?


Az a zokni - That sock / That is the sock
Az (egy) zokni - That is a sock

Egy pár zokni - a pair of socks
Zoknik - multiple socks
Két zokni - two pairs of socks

Zokni itself can either refer to a single sock or a pair of socks.


i am assuming that it is not translated as socks here because the pocket in singular indicates that the sock is also in singular? Ok but there’s a sentence somewhere here in the course that translates a zokni a cipoben van only in singular? Why? Is it a mistake?


The most likely interpretation of this sentence is that someone used one sock to store something, so the English translation follows suit. But it's not the only possibility. It could be about multiple socks used as multiple pockets.

Similarly for the socks-in-shoes sentence. I would take it as a pair of socks stuffed into a pair of shoes, so I'd translate it as plural. But it could as well be just one sock in one shoe, or that all the shoes (need to) have socks in them.


But where is: a or egy?Például: Ez a zokni or Ez egy zokni?


It is a statement without a doubt in Hungarian, The sentence and the translation are correct


Az egy szokni nem pedig egy zseb!


Zokni, not "szokni".


a zseb ?? miert?


that is a sock but not a pocket.Why is this wrong?


Mercedes, it sounds a bit les toothy than the intended meaning, but it's also a correct translation.

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