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  5. "Який факультет?"

"Який факультет?"

Translation:What department?

August 6, 2016



Shouldn't "what university department" also be correct?


In general, not only universities have departments. Academies and institutes can have them too.


But that can be a possible translation if given context, which is why I think it should be accepted.


I would say no, it gives extra meaning which was not there originally. It's like saying that the sentence "Це мій м’яч" (This is my ball) can be translated as "This is my football" because a ball can be a football.


Why not just say: "What faculty?" That's what it is...


"What faculty?" is accepted since 2 years ago. Maybe you made some other typo or mistake?

[deactivated user]

    If this means department, what is the word for faculty?


    Translations seldom work one to one...

    "Department" (as in, a department at a university) is translated as "факультет". E.g. "Department of Physics" would be "Фізичний факультет".

    "Faculty" in the academic sense is just another branch of the university structure. E.g. One might study at a Department of Physics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Ukrainian universities are not organized this way. The Physics and the Biology departments do not belong to a higher structure unit. Therefore, "faculty" is translated as "факультет" as well.

    [deactivated user]


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