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"Are these American airplanes taking off from a river or from a sea?"

Translation:Ezek az amerikai repülőgépek folyóról vagy tengerről szállnak fel?

August 6, 2016



"egy folyóról vagy egy tengerről szállnak fel ezek az amerikai repülőgépek?"

how does that sound?


Pretty good! :)


"Ezek az amerikai repülőgépek szállnak fel folyóról vagy tengerről" should be allowed I guess, since the answer could be "yes"


Sajnos, I still got burned. The verb was placed completely at the end? There is a logic collision here. All of the preverbs seem to be detached around here, too.


And here we are with the perfect question to follow on from my previous comment. No need for "egy" on 2 occasions and yet I had a question where "egy" was compulsory for flying onto "a mountain." The red error came up and told me I'd missed out a word and there it was, "egy," complete with the underlining. Am I right in thinking that it's actually optional?


Is "Ezek az amerikai repülőgépek folyóról szállnak fel vagy tengerről" also acceptable?


That is what I submitted and it was marked wrong.

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