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  5. "A rendező sajnos nem fiatal."

"A rendező sajnos nem fiatal."

Translation:The director is unfortunately not young.

August 6, 2016



No matter where you put the adverb, it makes a simple declarative sentence into an ageist slur.


Should you pronounce sajnos with 'sh' or 's' at the beginning?


Could the "director is not young unfortunately" not be accepted? It sounds and actually is more correct.


I would actually start the sentence with "unfortunately". Or put it at the end like you. But not in the middle, I agree. Yes, those should be accepted.


At the beginning or the middle sounds better to me than at the end. (And at the beginning or end, it needs a comma, I think.)


I also think it sounds best at the beginning or middle. I do, however, think it sounds okay at the end if you place a comma before it, as you mentioned. I don't believe I would likely use a comma when placing it at the beginning, but that certainly doesn't mean it sounds odd that way; that's simply my preference.

All of what I said above is simply what I think. ^_^


I did "The director is not young, unfortunately." And it is accepted.

I agree that in the beginning or at the end sounds better than the middle.


do you actually hear the article in the beginning? i try to find out whether my audio is broken or every sentence beginning with "a " has the beginning chopped off. sometimes i hear a tiny pause. never a full vocal. or is "a" in the beginning of a sentence mute?


I need to learn the word director before I can count to 10??mm??


These courses dont teach numbers. Probably because it's the easiest thing to learn in a language.


The course does teach numbers. It's just much later in the course that you learn it.


Somebody has a crush!

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