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  5. "Я люблю бігати на стадіоні."

"Я люблю бігати на стадіоні."

Translation:I like to run at the stadium.

August 6, 2016



If на counts as "to" or "at", how can you tell if the sentence means "run to the stadium" (toward/in the process of going there) or "run at the stadium" (already in it)


You distinguish these to situations through the grammatical case of "стадіон."

  • If it is the locative case (на стадіоні) then it is "at the stadium." The preposition has a static meaning if used with the locative case. Mnemonic: locative - location.
  • If it is the accusative case (на стадіон) then it is "to the stadium." The preposition has a dynamic meaning if used with the accusative case.

It is a general rule and it works for other prepositions too. For example, "в дім" (accusative) is "into the house"; "в домі" (locative) is "in the house" (inside of it).


Oh ok, it's similar to Latin's use of the accusative. Thanks so much


На стадіоні at the stadium на стадіон toward the stadium


Why is "I like running in the stadium" not accepted?


Because бігати is the infinitive "to run" and "running" is conjugated.


No, that's not why. "Running" is the present participle and is commonly used after "like" in British English.

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Actually, "I like running at the stadium" is accepted, your answer was not accepted because "...in the statium" is not on the list of the accepted answers.

Is there any difference in English between "running in the stadium" and "running at the stadium"?

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