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"A kicsi város mellett kevés busz halad."

Translation:Few buses are passing by the small town.

August 6, 2016



varos is town or city


halad is better translated as TRAVEL when referring to vehicles


Everytime I translate "mellett" as "next to", I am corrected that it should be "beside", and every time I translate it as "beside", I am corrected that it should be "next to". Maybe it's time to start accepting both options?


No; it's time to report missing translations when we get marked "wrong" because we used a synonym.

Unfortunately, additional translations pretty much have to be added one by one, a sentence at a time.

So keep on reporting :) (Posting here doesn't help; it's pretty much just other learners, and some helpful native speakers, reading -- nobody who can influence anything.)


A little town is the same as a small town!!


Is this sentence referring to the number of buses that pass (a few) or that in general not many pass?

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